Authtoberfest Event

October 1st - Peter Heller
October 2nd - Jeff Seymour
October 3rd - Carol Davis
October 4th - Lindsey Winsemius
October 5th - Peter Cawdron
October 6th - John Gregory Hancock
October 7th - Lisa Weaver
October 8th - Theresa Watson
October 9th - Isaac Marion
October 10th - James Knapp
October 11th - Jon Frater
October 12th - The Behrg
October 13th - Harlow C. Fallon
October 14th - Heath Stallcup
October 15th - Double Feature!
                      -Debbie Mumford
                      -The emerging authors of NATION OF THE MOON!
October 16th - Michaelbrent Collings
October 17th - Terry Maggert
October 18th - Shaun Allan
October 19th - Angela Henry
October 20th - Yvonne Ventresca
October 21st - Pete Kahle
October 22nd - M. Lauryl Lewis
October 23rd - Rob Blackwell
October 24th - Fiona Quinn
October 25th - Vincent Robert Annunziato
October 26th - Ernie Lindsey/Desmond Doane
October 27th - Nick Cole
October 28th - James Morris
October 29th - R. E. Carr
October 30th - Nicole Ciacchella
October 31st - Josh Malerman

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