( Formerly titled Saratoga) 
by M.R. Pritchard

At 100,296 words, this is A Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy Novel

Status: Now available for purchase!

Demi has it all figured out. She’s going to be a ballerina, just like her mother wants. And since the dance studio is the only place she feels like she fits in, it’s the perfect plan since all she wants is a normal life, one where she and her parents aren’t moving to a new place after another one of her accidents. But Demi knows she is far from normal, she can feel it every time she walks near a park, or a tree, or a flower. Demi has a gift, or a curse, green things call to her and she has no idea how to control it. That is, until she meets a young man with a similar gift, who teaches her how to use hers and joins Demi on a path of discovering who she is and what she is meant for.

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