Friday, July 25, 2014

A movie I'm kinda excited about!

I'm reading HORNS by Joe Hill right now (finally)! I was a bit nervous, since Joe Hill is Stephen King's son, I was afraid of never sleeping again. But it's good. I'm about 1/2 way through.
Oh, and the trailer = pretty awesome!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sparrow Man Goodreads Giveaway!

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Sparrow Man by M.R. Pritchard

Sparrow Man

by M.R. Pritchard

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

July Newsletter includes 26pg sneak preview of SPARROW MAN

Here's the link:
 This book was a round-two contestant in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards 2014 and I received some excellent feedback from the VINE reviewers. So excited!

Meg Clark has turned out to be everything her father and the people of her little North Country town of Gouvernour, NY, have been saying her whole life: nothin’ but a piece of white trash. And that’s how she lives; she’s even got the tattoos to prove it. Well that’s how she was living, until she got knocked up and engaged. In an effort to hide her past and turn herself around, she spent her inheritance from her dead mother on the perfect little house with a white picket fence. Then something terrible happened and Meg got sent to county lockup so her fiancĂ©, Jim, wouldn’t have to. And then everyone started waking up…dead. 
Good thing escaping from County wasn’t hard. Jim told her exactly how to get free. Now Meg is running and the walking dead are following. In a last ditch effort to find weapons to protect herself, Meg finds Sparrow instead. A tall, strange man with a quirk, Sparrow has an obsession with feathers and the only goal that’s on his mind is finding an old barn on Route 37 with a snowy owl in its rafters. 
Meg’s headed to Kingston, where she and Jim agreed to meet if they ever got separated. But sometimes, crossing the border brings more than just freedom and protection and safety. Sometimes it brings questions that someone like Meg would prefer not to answer. And everyone keeps asking questions, including Sparrow. He thinks she’s hiding something and he’s not impressed by her stories of the sins she’s been committing all her life. While Sparrow’s the one who’s a bit cracked in the head, it never occurs to Meg that she could be the one who’s not remembering something. Like what really happened that day she killed those seven men.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Movie Review: Wolf of Wall Street

Since I'm cheap, I rarely ever go to the theater anymore. Instead, I stand awkwardly at the RedBox Kiosk outside of Price Chopper and rent movies. The process is easy, my husband even gave me specific instructions on what to do: I hit the "return" button, insert the movies and then I hit the "pick up" button and swipe my credit card. It's easy enough, I just find the waiting 5 minutes while the machine searches for the movie uncomfortable, because you know people are watching you and if there's a line behind you, it's even worse. So I get my movies, then I pop my own popcorn, drink a beer, and watch them in the comfort of my own home.

So we just rented,

The Wolf of Wall Street

This movie was really great. I was not prepared for the inappropriateness, the copious amounts of drugs, alcohol, and fornication that would be displayed across the screen. But there was a story behind it, and it was entertaining. 

I wish this were actually someone's creative thinking, but instead it's based on the true life of Jordan Belfort. If you drop whatever morals you have and can separate yourself from the fact that Mr. Belfort actually lived this life, deceived these people, wasted this money, and snorted coke out of some strippers butt-crack, then you might find this enjoyable.

I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill (kinda almost stole the show), and Matthew McConaughey did a great job with their characters. And when did Matthew McConaughey become such a creeper? He used to be a hot dude, now... I barely have words.

When this movie was over, I was entertained. And then I felt weird. I think it was because of all the infidelity. Movies like this just seem to stress the fact that shallow rich men are whores and my soul aches for their wives.

Note to parents. Get all children out of the room before this movie starts or they will forever be damaged.

Rating (with basic human morals ignored)  9/10

Monday, May 26, 2014

Book Review! "Monster in His Eyes"

So, I started this book, and while I was reading I did a lot of thinking, thinking about how I'm over reading stories about sassy poor little co-eds who find some hot rich dude to solve all of their problems, money wise, food wise, clothing wise, and sexing wise. I've never read 50 Shades but while I was reading this I kept thinking, "Is this 50 Shades?" I guess I just wanted more character development in the beginning. There's more to a relationship than money and fornication.
That being said, the second half of the book started to get pretty twisted and I couldn't stop reading. And then... holy hell, twisted isn't even the word for the last quarter of the book.
Also, the philosophy musings tie in quite well. However, this book was missing a teeny tiny bit of magical somethingness. Hopefully I can explain later after I've let the book stew in my head for a bit.