Thursday, October 18, 2012

Finding inspiration for writing

When I was writing my first book and two short stories I found inspiration everywhere. As a result, I was able to work on these pieces quickly and efficiently. Now in writing my second book, finding inspiration has become harder. And as a result it's taking me much longer to write. Of course there are the normal distractions, home life, cleaning, cooking, laundry. Lucky for me I have a husband who help out a lot around the house so I don't have to feel overwhelmed with all the chores. But, I also work full time and I have a long commute. Now as some may dread their commute, I've begun to find it relaxing, a time to think about my writing, the scenes, the characters, what I want to happen next. Sometimes it's a song playing on the radio that inspires me, or watching people on the sidewalks, or the landscapes.

What's my point? You ask...

The other day as I was driving in I couldn't help but notice the sunset as it played with the fall leaves in front of me, it was when I looked in my mirror that I saw how beautiful the sunset really was, and I was missing most of it. 

Watching this in my rear-view mirror I was reminded of what truly inspired me to write my first book. The fact that every time I left for work I was leaving my family behind and the fear that if something happened I would be too far away to do much about it. This reminded me of what truly inspired me to write my first book, fear, the fear that something could happen to them and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it from so far away. 

So, I guess what they say is true, fear is a motivator, but it's also an inspiration.


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