Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Signing, the day after.

So yesterday was the big book-signing. I was a bundle of nerves for an entire week and the night before I couldn't even sleep a wink. Here's what happened, before, during and after:

The biggest part of your book signing will be getting the word out. So I spent hours promoting. I did this by posting event links on all of the local news channels' event calendars. And then to take it a bit further, I posted on all of their Facebook pages. I was afraid this kind of pestering was going to get me blocked, but guess what... It got me TV time! Sunday morning one of the local news channels did a thirty-second blurb on the book signing!

The second biggest aspect of your book signing will be being prepared.
My husband has a contact in the printing industry and had this banner made:

What else did I bring? Business cards with my webpage, Facebook and contact info on it, bookmarks for each book and Sell Sheets (one page with my info, book cover images, blurbs and ISBN information for each book, since I have 3 books, they all fit nicely on one 8.5 x 11" page), a basket to do a drawing, a handful of pens, a piece of scrap paper to write the names down on in case people wanted their book personalized, and 2 brand new Sharpie pens.

What am I missing?... Oh, books! How many books should you bring? I scoured the internet to find this answer. Some people said 5, some people said 20. Some people said they only sold 2 books at their book signing. Reading that made me want to barf, because you know how many books I had ordered? Over 100! So part of me was afraid I was going to be left with boxes of unsold books and part of me was anxious I was going to sell them all and have to express ship more in for Christmas presents.

Let's move on.

When my alarm went off for the third time, I figured it was best to stop feigning sleep and get in the shower. Thankfully, I have the world's best husband who loaded the truck and got breakfast before I made it downstairs. We got to the event at 10am and started setting up. I got the spot next to the Christmas tree, which was perfect because I love the holidays! Doors opened at 11 am and the tables were ready!

And... It was snowing in upstate NY. Bummer!!! I figured due to the snow and waiting for patrons to get out of Church, that we wouldn't see many people before noon. And I was right. But not long after noon people started trickling in.

At the end of the day, the book signing was a success! I talked for almost 5 hours straight to people who stopped by the table. And I had the best book seller ever, no one can say "no" to a sweet little 7yr old who blatantly asks, "Do you want to buy some books?"
My daughter helped me bag and hand out bookmarks, coupons, business cards and reminded people to enter the drawing to win free books. My husband handled the money and the receipts.

My favorite part of the book signing (besides seeing so many friends and family come out to support me!) was when a fan sent her father down with a note on which book to buy because she couldn't make it.

So, down to the numbers. How many books did I sell?
Over 60! I have just enough stock left for Christmas presents and to fulfill orders for people who couldn't make it but definitely wanted the books. So it worked out perfectly.

Will I do this again? Definitely. I sold more paperback books face-to-face than I have with all of my online promoting.

So, fellow Indie Authors, find a Vendor/Crafter Fair and get a table. Word of mouth is the best way to spread the news of how awesome your book (or books) are, so get out there.


  1. This is awesome. I wish I'd been there, but I live in Australia and that's only slightly too far away. But if sounds like you had a great time!

    1. It was fun. Maybe one day, I'll get to do one in Australia! It's too bad you couldn't make it, but, I mean, you are kind of on the other side of the globe... :)

  2. Wow, good for you. I'm too shy to do stuff like that :)

    1. Oh, Isaac! It was hard. I am way shy also. But it was worth it.