Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Being Human: Best series and best series ending

I live the simple life, one without cable. We do have a TV and a Netflix subscription and we look forward to a few shows each year. For a few years now we have been watching this show called Being Human. Awesome, amazing, loveit. Last night we watched the last of season 4 and found out it was the final of the series. Ultimate sadness.

I don't usually do TV show reviews but this series is pretty amazing. Basically it's a show about a brooding Vampire, a self-loathing Werewolf and a crazy ghost-girl. (And most of the main characters are Registered Nurses! Being an RN, I loved this!)

There's plenty of drama and humor. I was never disappointed or bored with any episodes.

If you're an 80's kid there are plenty of references and jokes about the Koolaid man and Harry Potter. The series had an emotional closing and it was pretty perfect. I'm sad that it's over but since it's on Netflix I can re-watch the series over and over and over again.