Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Future Chronicles - A review

I'm not one for short stories. I like to lose myself for hours - or days - on end, get really deep in the drama for 200 pages or more. Last week that changed. 
Last week I read The Future Chronicles.
This group of authors serve up a variety of futuristic stories that will  get the gears of your brain turning. The forward by Hugh Howey brought me back to the tiny goat farm I grew up on and Peter Cawdron's #DontTell stole the crown. Samuel Peralta's Humanity was a close runner-up. Overall, a must read for fellow sci-fi lovers.



The Future Chronicles - Special Edition includes fifteen stories, selected and new, from some of today's best writers in speculative fiction.

It includes ten selected stories from some of the Chronicles' popular titles - Robot, Telepath, Alien, and A.I. - to give new readers a taste of the series; and includes five completely new stories, first published in this Special Edition.

The Future Chronicles has grown, from a single collection of robot stories, into a series whose unique take on major science fiction and fantasy themes - A.I., aliens, time travel, dragons, telepaths, zombies, immortality, galactic battles, cyborgs, doomsday - has made it one of the most acclaimed short story anthology series of the digital era.

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