Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Review: Beyond the Stars: A Planet Too Far: a space opera anthology

I got my paws on a copy of Beyond the Stars: A Planet Too Far, and it was amazing!

Awesome collection of short stories. I read this entire collection all in one sitting and then went back to re-read again. I highly recommend this anthology.

5/5 twinkling stars!

The Blurb:
On the heels of the bestselling DARK BEYOND THE STARS anthology comes another collection of spectacular tales by eleven authors both well-known and brand new.

Space opera. Big, sprawling sci-fi stories that encompass strange new worlds, alien life forms, and deep space battles. You'll find all of that here.

Take a journey across the galaxy with these short stories and go BEYOND THE STARS to A Planet Too Far...

"I absolutely loved this book. All the different stories were great. My favorite characters were Alex White and Zelle. I recommend this to anyone who loves urban fantasy and space stories." SciFi/Fantasy Enthusiast

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