Thursday, June 18, 2015

A review of 33 Degrees by Vincent Robert Annunziato

A story about survival in a future that is bleak and cold. The train is brutal. Humanity teeters on edge. Conflict is just a page-turn away.

With the fortune of being tossed down a hole to save his life, Javin often reminisces of parents who echo of James and Lily Potter. Having spent the majority of his pre-teen years alone Javin is unrefined and bitter. Throughout the book Javin grows and matures to a man of strength and honor. Readers will enjoy a main character with the strength and grit of Four, a sidekick with the heart and innocence of Rue, a female lead who is tenacious, beautiful, and damaged; young-adult camaraderie and brutality of Ender's Game; a mystical character full of magical realism and totally unique; and, lastly, a Revolution style mystery to the history of the Pulse.

Everything you love about Dystopia wrapped up in a snow cone. 

'33 Degrees' is a must read. 

5/5 stars

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*I voted for this book on KindleScout and received an advanced copy for review