Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nominate Nightingale Girl on KindleScout

Hey guys,
If you've been anxiously awaiting the sequel to 'Sparrow Man' the wait is over!
'Nightingale Girl' is up for nomination on KindleScout. Read the preview, nominate the book, share the links. If the book wins a publishing contract you get a free copy!!

If you haven't read 'Sparrow Man,' read it for free on Kindle Unlimited

Editorial Reviews for SPARROW MAN:

"Tantalizingly suspenseful, sending delicious shivers down the readers' spine! Not only are you engrossed in the story, but you really love both Meg and Sparrow Man. Meg isn't simply an empty vehicle of a main character, a host for the reader's experiences and reactions to everything going on in the book. She is her own person, clearly defined, and we respect her strong will and her grit." -Jessica Crawford, The Sentient

A 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contestant
"I was hooked from the get-go..." -ABNA Expert Reviewer

"It's unfortunate that one can't predict or be a part of aiding which books go viral, as Sparrow Man by M.R. Pritchard is certainly worthy of such reward ... this novel took me by complete surprise. What I thought was a simple zombie story morphed into something wild and completely unforeseen. Yet it fit perfectly within the world Pritchard has created, mysteries unfolding into fantastical developments. The eclectic characters were a joy to follow and the romance unfolded without being forced."-TheBehrg, KindleScout winning author of Housebroken