Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Looking for Inspiration? Try the Seahorse!

Don't feel like writing a unicorn into your work-in-progress? How about a Seahorse, specifically, the male Seahorse.

And so you ask, "Why the F--- would I write about a Seahorse?"

Easy. Courtship. It's all about courtship when it comes to the ladies.

Listen and learn, children:

Seahorses partake in a courtship that spans many days. Not just a single night out on the town.

During this time they dance, which can last about 8 hours. This is romance at its best. No better way to swoon the ladies than with an 8 hour long dance.

And then the male displays his "emptiness" for the female to deposit her eggs... I'm at a loss as to how awesome that is.

And when this courtship is complete, she swims away leaving the male all fat and pregnant. Truly amazing to see how the male and female roles differ between species.

Ok, now watch the video!

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