Sunday, July 5, 2015

Review of The Billionaire's Bodyguard Bride by Lisa Weaver

Not your typical Billionaire romance.
A fast-paced romantic suspense.
The Billionaire's Bodyguard Bride is a quick and easy read filled with intrigue and sweet romance.
Rafe and Lauren are reunited with a business deal but neither of them can deny their attractions to each other. Watching this couple reconcile in the midst of a catty ex, a determined business rival, and secrets and threats, is a refreshing spin on the stereotypical billionaire romance scene. 
A great summer read!

The Blurb:
Bodyguard Lauren Reynolds grew up lying to survive, while billionaire Rafe Dimitriou was raised to uphold a strict code of honor. The sexy billionaire's most formidable competitor, Milton Payne, isn’t as scrupulous.

Both Rafe and Milton are vying to gain control of Gracious Living. In order to make an offer, the company requires the buyer to be married.

Knowing Lauren will do anything to protect her brother, Rafe threatens to destroy her only sibling’s career if she doesn’t agree to play the role of his wife. Lauren accepts his proposal, but her motivation is far more compelling than family loyalty. She’s been assigned to covertly protect Rafe in the wake of threats made against the Dimitriou family. As his wife, Lauren knows she’ll have the perfect opportunity to watch over him without arousing his suspicion.

She’ll guard him with her life, but who will protect her heart?

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