Friday, February 1, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Lawn Care Guide

Welcome to another installment of Zombie Friday!

Questions of the week:
Does the thought of your lawn grass reaching epic proportions cause you anxiety?

Are you worried about who will take care of your lawn during the Zombie Apocalypse?

Are you planning on hiring someone to mow the lawn once the Zombies start crawling?

Don't bother! 


The lawns always manage to get tended to.

(see, right there)

It seems to be a complete mystery as to how this happens. 

It even has Captain Picard all worked up, 

and if the Starship Enterprise can't figure out this conundrum, 

I'm guessing nobody can.

My theory:

It's those friggin' garden gnomes 
trampling the grass

Zombie Gnomes are the worst!

Don't believe me.

Did you ever wonder why we never see any pink flamingos after the Zombie Apocalypse hits?


Zombie Gnomes, not even the fairy tale creatures are safe.

Source: via Meredith on Pinterest


  1. Bah hahahaha, LOVE THIS!

    Also, it reminds me of Plants vs. Zombies, which I am totally addicted to, despite having beaten twice.

    1. It's nice to know I'm not the only person who beat Plants vs. Zombies twice. That game is very addictive . . .

  2. Hope to see zombies being used in landscapes, apartments

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