Friday, March 1, 2013

Chuck Norris vs Zombies

Zombie Friday

Welcome back!
Yes, I know, you're like: 
"WTF, I waited all week last week for Zombie Friday and nothing was posted!"

Sorry dudes.
I was busy.
Making my Zombie Survival Kit!
I bought knives and axes and water and canned food and nails and boards and a backpack and...

Well, let's get on with it.

Theme of the week:


Chuck F-ing Norris 
The Zombie Apocalypse

Hell Yes!

(No, I'm not giving up on Daryl)

But seriously, I'm thinking Chuck will be one of the best additions to anyone's Zombie Apocalypse team!

Some excellent reasons why you should consider Chucky-boy for your team:

And the number one reason for choosing Chuck
(yeah, right there)

  • The only man with balls large enough to wear a sleeveless-Canadian Tuxedo.

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  1. Chuck "Fuckin'" Norris. Wait I wear a sleeveless Canadian tuxedo...