Sunday, March 24, 2013

One Writer's Dilemma: I'm sorry I killed you in my book...

So, you're writing this really great story, 

at least, you think it's great.

And it's magnificent and sparkly

And then you realize.... 
Someone has to die.
 or, be dead.

And usually you research names, you think and sort and trial what might be good. 
But this time, you just pluck a perfectly good, normal name out of the back of your head.

You write the character, and immediately kill them




And you go on with your story. Never thinking much about that poor dead character.
And you publish your book, your friends and family and co-workers read it. 

And all is good.

Then, one day you wake up to a message that says: 
"You killed Jim Waters?!"
(see below)

Things were a little awkward, mostly because I felt like an ass.

Now, Jim's a pretty cool guy, 
he can solder and shit, 
keep that in mind for when the apocalypse hits,
and you need something soldered.

I'm sorry I killed you Jim.
Maybe I can redeem myself and bring you back from the dead in another book...


  1. LOL! I love how the original post is "Hey, you killed Jim Waters in your book!" and then right beneath that it says "Jim Waters likes this".

    P.S. This is Jessica

    1. Hey!! That's my favorite part of the post! LOL!

  2. Woops! At least he can rest knowing that he has a name good enough to be published.

  3. How can someone not put a like on their own namesake biting the dust?

    So I could get away with writing my idiot ex-brother-in-law as the victim of a horrible death in a book? Give him the same name?

    Well, I'm sure he'd resent it, but he is, after all, a complete wanker.

  4. When I put people in my book, I change their name and appearance (slightly) and often give them magical powers of some description. If I killed them, they wouldn't be able to tell.

    (Jim Waters Likes this!)

    1. I'll have to remember those tips for next time :)

  5. Hilarious post. Thanks for the laugh, Meredith!

  6. They should be honored to be killed in your book! No such thing as bad publicity, after all :)