Saturday, March 2, 2013

What is The Phoenix Project really about?

When people ask me what The Phoenix Project is about

I have a hard time responding. 


Because this image flashes in my head:

Every single time.

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The Phoenix Project
M. R. Pritchard

The United States is crumbling under the weight of the worst recession in decades, and The Reformation has been causing a stir. It started with promises of overthrowing the election, under the premise of change. But change starts where we least expect it, in Phoenix, a small lakefront town, hidden in the backwoods of Upstate NY.

Andie's life is about to change forever. She thought making it home was the hard part, but much worse is to come. She needs to find her family, she needs to find out what's happening to her town, and she needs to find someone she can trust.


  1. Wow, sounds interesting Meredith... I just picked Phoenix Project up! Hopefully I'll get to it soon..!

    1. Thanks Isaac! Good to hear from you. I was starting to worry over your ghost-like presence. And that's for the Re-tweet! I'm just figuring this twitter thing out...