Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Today's Authtoberfest featured author is HEATH STALLCUP

1. It’s the zombie apocalypse and writers have got to stick together to survive. Pick 3 authors to be on your zombie apocalypse killing team and tell us why you’d choose them.
Heath says: Mark Tufo, Ted Nulty and John O’Brien.
Mark would keep us laughing while we decimated the dead. John is ex-military as is Ted, but Ted also has police training. It’s all about survival.

2. If Stephen King and J. K. Rowling were drowning in a river, who would you save first? And now you have to tell us why.
Heath says: Probably Stephen King. Once I saved him I would constantly remind him that he owes me a life debt and my book sales were seriously lagging. ;-)

3. We authors are voracious readers. My TBR list is approximately 8 miles long. What are you currently reading?
Heath says: Brad Thor. I’ve been going through a lot of Vince Flynn, Brad Thor and Tom Clancy lately. I call it research…

4. What is the one book that you could read a million times and never get bored with?
Heath says: A million times? I was going to say that it hasn’t been written yet, but that isn’t true. Probably the ONLY book I could read over and over with and not get ‘bored’ would have to be the Bible. Whether reading for pleasure or study, there’s always something new that jumps out at me.

5. Last year my favorite read was The Martian by Andy Weir. What was your best read of 2014?
Heath says: Hmm…now that’s a tough one. I want to say Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy. It’s the first one to pop to mind when I think about it.

6. This year my favorite read has been The Dog Stars by Peter Heller. What’s the best book you’ve read so far in 2015?
Heath says: Again, a tough one. I’d have to say it’s a toss up between Ted Bell’s TSAR and John O’Brien’s A New World: Taken.

7. You’re a writer by day and a superhero by night. (Take off those geeky glasses Superman) What’s your superpower?
Heath says: Just one?? Aww man…I would have to say flying. The idea of just flying wherever I want at any given time? No stopping for gas? Awesome!

8. I have writing spots all over my house: my desk, my couch, the patio, and my bed. Where’s your favorite spot to write?
Heath says: I won’t say that it’s my favorite place, but it’s really the ONLY place…the dining table.
I started the Monster Squad at this table and although we moved and I thought I could convert the den into an office and have a bit of privacy to actually sit and do my thing, my youngest son had other ideas. He decided he didn’t like the idea of ‘moving out’ for college. He shoved a futon in the den and took it over as a bedroom.

9. We’re supposed to love all of our children equally, but there are some scenes I’ve written that really stick out in my mind. Tell us your favorite scene from your book Caldera.
Heath says: Ooh, that’s tough. To be honest, I didn’t care for the story at all, but my wife loved it. She is the reason I decided to write a sequel. However, if I had to choose one scene, it would probably be when the infected are reacting to the sonic pacifier. The survivors who initially spot them think it’s over until they realize that they aren’t attacking.

10. Sometimes a little too much of myself slips into my characters. Which one of your characters most resembles you?
Heath says: I wish I could say Mitch was most like me, but I think Hatcher has more of my qualities rolled into him. He’s just an average guy that’s trying to make sense of the world going to heck around him.

11. I’ve always got tunes rocking while I’m writing. Tell us five songs that are on your playlist.
Heath says:Van Halen collection, Enya, Epic Movie Music, Boston’s Greatest Hits and Fever Ray. That’s just a few of the sounds I use to put me in the mood.

12. If you could tell an aspiring author one tiny tidbit of information, what would you say?
Heath says: Write what interests you.
Seriously, if you try to ‘write to the crowds’ you will never be happy with what you create. If you write for yourself, others will pick up on it and enjoy the story more. I believe that readers cover a wide gambit of subject matter. While they may be a ‘zombie’ reader, they also dig military stories. Which crosses over with political thrillers. Which can cross with historical romance. Which can cross with… You see, a good story has a touch of everything. A little humor, a little romance, action, trepidation, you name it. By introducing new characters from different backgrounds, you find a way to connect with readers with varying experiences. Just stay true to your vision and they will come.

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About the author:

Heath Stallcup was born in Salinas, California and relocated to Tupelo, Oklahoma in his tween years. He joined the US Navy and was stationed in Charleston, SC and Bangor, WA shortly after junior college. After his second tour he attended East Central University where he obtained BS degrees in Biology and Chemistry. He then served ten years with the State of Oklahoma as a Compliance and Enforcement Officer while moonlighting nights and weekends with his local Sheriff's Office. He still lives in the small township of Tupelo, Oklahoma with his wife and three of his seven children. He steals time to write between household duties, going to ballgames, being a grandfather to five and being the pet of numerous animals that have taken over his home. Visit him on or for news of his upcoming releases.


  1. Good answers!

    I've been reading Clancy too, though the stuff from Bear and the Dragon and earlier. Everything after came apart at the seams.