Sunday, October 25, 2015

Today's Authtoberfest featured author is Vincent Robert Annunziato!

Let's see what Vincent had to say about reading, writing and All Hallows' Eve!

1. It’s Halloween, pick 3 of your favorite writers to paint the town red with and tell us why you chose them.
VRA says:
a. Frankenstein – Mary Shelley
b. Dracula – Bram Stoker
c. Exorcist – William Blatty

2. You’re ready to head out with your pillowcase to collect loads of confections on All Hallows’ Eve, what’s your costume and why did you choose it?
VRA says: Well I’d say I don’t really need one. I’m pretty scary. But I would love to choose the Hulk. He’s a massive beast who nobody messes with when he’s angry.

3. Old Mrs. Robinson opens her door and you’re holding open your pillowcase patiently waiting. “Oh deary,” she says in her frail, little old-lady voice. “I forgot it was Halloween. Don’t know why you kids go begging anyways. Let me go find something to give you.” She shuffles off and finally returns three and a half minutes later with 5 pennies, 2 peppermint candies that look like they went through the dryer, and her deceased husbands dentures. “Take what you like,” she offers, squinting at you. What do you choose and why.
VRA says: 5 pennies. I can still buy gum with it.

4. I really love reading Dean Koontz but some of his stuff scares the bejesus out of me. What’s the spookiest book you’ve ever read?
VRA says: The Exorcist

5. You’re a writer by day and supernatural creature by night. (Shed that human skin you sack of bones) What are you?
VRA says: I’ll take Angel of Light for $500 Meredith.

6. Every author has a bookshelf filled with his or her favorite reads. Run on over to yours and tell us the scariest book you have.
VRA says: Exorcist – William Blatty

7. We don’t all write horror but there comes a time when you’ve got to surprise your readers and make sure their hearts are still beating. How do you prepare yourself to get in the spooky writing mood?
VRA says: For me the characters become real. So, it’s not a mood it’s a forced motive. As I am searching the plotlines and moving the characters through them, the potential for physical, emotional and spiritual dilemmas are always present.

8. Stephen King’s front porch light is on but there are no Halloween decorations.
Do you:
a. trick-or-treat and cross your fingers that he’s handing out the good stuff
b. run screaming
c. call your mom to bring your favorite King paperback and beg for an autograph
VRA says: I’m all in on calling mom to get the autograph.

9. Congratulations, you just won the literary lottery and sold a million books at full price! The royalty check clears on October 28th. What are you buying for the neighborhood kids?
a. an assortment of mini candybars
b. an assortment of cheap, hard candies
c. full size Hershey bars
VRA says: Definitely C, but I don’t know if there would be any left to hand out!

10. Your writer friend calls you with some frightening news. They’re giving up on writing, can’t take the pressure any longer. What do you tell them?
VRA says: Take a chill pill. Order up a Gran Marnier on the rocks and have a very long discussion.

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Author bio:

33 Degrees was selected as a Kindle Scout winner for publication. Thank you to all my fans who voted and helped get 33 noticed!
Vincent Robert Annunziato is a native Long Islander who currently resides with his wife and family in Virginia. He graduated Sachem High School and received a B.S. Degree from Hofstra University in Television Science. Vincent spent several years in Hollywood working for various production companies. He eventually wound up landing a job with the government, marrying a wonderful woman and raising three beautiful children. After thinking the dream of becoming a writer had passed him by, Vincent wrote his first novel on an Amazon Kindle HD tablet while commuting to work 2 hours each way.


  1. I got a grin out of your answer to #9!

    1. Thanks, William. 33 Degrees is on sale now for a $1.99 through Halloween. Please take a look if you are interested!