Thursday, December 6, 2012

Of all that is awesome... unicorn warriors

So a few weeks back I was perusing, and came across this fabulous artwork. I just assumed it was for an upcoming book and make a mental note to look for it in the book store. Then I visit the site today and see the same awesome artwork, for one of their featured short stories. 

So I read the story:

And your life will not be compete unless you read it too.
 I mean, what's more awesome than an animal trainer who trains freaking unicorns...
 and fights it? 
What's more awesome than a unicorn named Steve? 
(I'm partial to the name, since my own dog is named Stevie) 
What's more awesome than telepathic communication between said trainer and unicorn? 
The unicorn has it's own voice, and it's sarcastically hilarious. 

I want to print it out, bind it in hardcover and read it over and over and over again. 
Just read it. 
I bow to you Lish McBride and your original and entertaining writing.
It's times like these, when I look back at my own writing and think, holy shitsnacks this blows, I wish I could write like THAT.


Now, I'm going to put dinner in the crock pot and I'm going to rearrange the fish tanks. However, I am not going to clean the shower. Because, I can only hope one of McBride's mystical creatures may grow from the pre-embryonic goo that currently grows there.

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