Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One Writer's Dilemma: I just killed off my protagonists parents...

 I just killed off my protagonists parents...

Yeah, I just did that.

And now I'm feeling...
way guilty.

Just like a few months ago when I killed off a main character in another novel.


Seriously, though, they were nice people, they were great people.

They took my little protagonist in, raised her as their own,
moved from town to town when things got hairy.

Now they're gone.


You see, while novel dos is out to the beta's, I decided to start an entirely new project.

Part deux took a lot out of me, and I still feel like I rushed the last third of the novel
and I need to go back and do some edits.

But I'm wiped. 

Those characters have exhausted me with all their drama.

Now, here I sit, new project, new story.
typing my fingers to the bone
staying up late
not cleaning
making boboli for dinner

Still, I killed off those sweet people.
Hopefully I can live with myself, enough to finish this.

May you rest in peace
Fiona and Jon

Your 'adopted' daughter is about to do something awesome.


  1. As a mystery author, I have to agree with sometimes having sad feeling about having to kill someone, but if your reasons are to follow the TRUTH of your story, then it's all for a good cause.

  2. That is what I keep telling myself :)

  3. Writing in the spy genre, I started off my book by killing children and putting characters through emotional hell as a result. Obviously I keep apologizing to the characters...

  4. That's some hardcore writing right there... I'm not ready for killing off any children yet. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who apologizes to the fictional people I create in my head.