Monday, December 17, 2012

One Writer's Dilemma: Inspiration and the weather

This winter, I was counting on curling up next to my fire, with a big mug of coffee, and typing away as I watched the snow pile up outside. 

There's only one problem...

NO snow!


I live on the shores of Lake Ontario 
in the North of Northern Upstate New York

It's December 17th, and still, nothing.
I miss snowmen, 

and sledding, 

and fearing for my life while driving in a white-out! 

This has been going on for four years, no snow for Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or New Year's

When I was in school, heck, when I was in college I could count on at least one snow day by now, but now, there's nothing, my daughter's school was closed for one day, because the sewer main backed up.

If you can't feel it in your most human of human bones 
that something is changing with our earth,
and we've caused it,
perhaps you're not truly as human as you think you are...

Now, where's my snow?


  1. For you a cold Christmas isn't right without snow. For us a hot Christmas is far less enjoyable when it's overcast and muggy. Like today 35C and grey. I hope you get your snow. I hope I get clear blue skies.

    1. Thanks! Four more days and I'm still hoping for snow. Strange though, we have blue skies today, I'll wish them your way.

  2. Meredith, you need to move further north to Canada.. plenty of snow here!!!! :)

    1. We actually speak of moving to Canada a lot, just last week we were discussing Nunavut. I'm serious. Now onto more important things: What! You've figured out my real name! And here I thought I was being all sneaky using my initials. I guess there's a reason why I'm not a spy.

  3. You're not that far from us in the Ottawa Valley, so I'm wondering if you've got snow by now. We had a storm come through before the weekend that dropped forty centimetres plus. Obviously we've had a white Christmas.

    1. We had a small storm, dropped about 5 inches, so we had a White Christmas, yay! We are due for about a foot by Thursday, finally!