Thursday, November 8, 2012

One Writer's Dilemma: I forgot how to socialize with real live people...

One Writer's Dilemma: I forgot how to socialize with real live people...

I guess it happens to most writers, I spend a good part of my day in front of my computer, interacting with fictional characters. And soon, I've forgotten how to complete a sentence. It's true, ask any of my coworkers...

Today just solidified the issue. I had a family member visit for a few hours, and then I talked on the phone for another hour. Needless to say, I didn't get much writing done today, and I'm exhausted from all the talking.

When I'm not working, writing, or pretending to keep my house in order, 
I'm hanging out with these "friends"

These fish are my friends!

So are these!

And these!

This is how I spent my summer, socializing with plants...

No life is fulfilled without a few good dogs!

Which has resulted in this:

And the reason why I drink so much at social events...

Good thing I stocked up on rum last night.


  1. Well, the animals don't talk back!

    Though cats will tend to roll their eyes.

  2. I spent a chunk of time immersed in writing today and when the phone rang it was as if I'd forgotten how to speak English! I kept stuttering and thinking "use your words Jen, for goodness sake..."
    Glad I'm not the only socially awkward writer :)

  3. Whenever my characters get into a brawl, I wonder if maybe I'm reflecting on a silent dispute I had in the real world - ala I'm not going to talk about my feelings, I'll just write about them angrily through a make-believe character haha.

  4. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who does these things!