Friday, November 23, 2012

Zombie Fridays: The unexpected Zombie

We all know what the unexpected Zombie is, 

it's that silent as hell Zombie that sneaks up behind your favorite character just as they least expect it...

Or, that silent as hell Zombie that finally takes that annoying as all hell character out of the picture...

Sometimes the Unexpected Zombie brings on feelings of fright, sadness or absolute glee.

When relating this situation to real life,
I find the unexpected Zombie is similar to: 
  1. that $5 bill you find in last years jacket
  2. that frozen box of thin mints you find in the back of the freezer
  3. the last pair of clean underwear you thought you didn't have on laundry day
  4. the clutch of baby fish you find in your fish tank, when you thought your guppies were all male...

Because no species is safe.

Not even the fairytale creatures.


  1. Poor zombie gnomes...

    Can we make my idiot ex brother in law the annoying as hell character who gets taken out by the silent zombie?

  2. I sense said brother in law is on your naught list... perhaps he shall make an excellent source of live bait, in case you need a fast escape...