Thursday, November 15, 2012

One Writer's Dilemma: My computer almost died and took my second draft to laptop hell...

Like any good writer with OCD, I save my work. And then I save it again... and again.
I save drafts, rough drafts, notes, beta reader edits, editor edits. They are all neatly labeled and filed away. I even manage to back them up to my email. Just in case.

And I like to envision my computer's innards similar to this:

I also have this problem of saving my emails.
Is hoarding a problem? 
Because I'm sure my inbox could be compared to one of those houses on Hoarders.

No joke, when my husband walks by my computer he usually gasps in horror at the fact that I usually have over 1,000 emails in my inbox.
Hey, don't judge, a few months ago I cleaned it up and got it down to 700.
I'm just glad electronic files don't rot and smell...


So back to my OCD-ness of saving.

I woke up a few days ago and thought to myself:


"I haven't done a backup in a while. 
I should do that again soon."

A few days later, I'm sitting in my living room, typing away, alone, at night. Editing my beloved second draft of novel number 2.
And just as I write the words "Brain scans." 
My computer screen goes black.

No power. No love. Nothing.
As I'm staring at my laptop in horror, trying not to scream like there's a hoard of zombies in my living room.

I remember the thought I had of backing up my work. 
So I grab my trusty iPhone and check my email, thinking to myself: "it's ok, don't panic

I find that the last backup was over two weeks old!

(Enter looks of confusion coming from Stevie-dog at my groans of despair.)


So then I'm thinking I might be onto something 
in the fictional world I've been creating for months
and maybe the government has been watching me 
and maybe they shut my shit down... 


Back to real life:

I have a few choices now:
  1. I can run up stairs and wake up my husband sobbing "fix it, fix it right now!" 
  2. I can bring it to some computer repair place in three days because I have to work my real job, three days, ugh. 
  3. I can fix this shit myself
I chose option 3.

Thank you iPhone and reading glasses.
I search and search and search. 
I press random buttons on my keyboard that someone said might work.

I'm pretty sure I resemble this image:

I pray to the lord Jesus.

Nothing happens.

  Ultimate sadness :(

It's when I look down to my power cord that I realize the green light is off. And when I check the power outlet I see I plugged it into an outlet which is attached to a light switch, which happens to be in the off position.
I unplug, hold my trusty green apple Inspiron to my chest and make way for the dining room. Where I plug the power chord into a different outlet and immediately hear the strange noises my laptop makes when it's loading up.

Yay!! The Joy!! The Glee!!

Thank you Autosave!

Thank you random power outlet!

Thank you Dell Inspiron 1525 for not going to laptop hell and bringing my files with you Iloveyousomuch! 

Thank you Stevie-dog for not judging!

The first thing I did was save that shit and email it to myself.

Then I poured myself some more rum. - As I pour my fourth glass of rum and coke, I think of you.  


  1. Epic moment!!! Very same thing happened to me a few months ago. laptop truly crashed and took everything with me. And no, I didn't have a back up place. *sob*

  2. I own a small business in Margate and I knew I had to get help fast when my computer crashed last month. I contacted Data Ninja Services and they had a technician dispatched to my office within the hour. Not only was he able to fix the problem but he gave advice on how to prevent future attacks as well. This company’s service was worth every penny. Here’s their website

  3. I had it a few days ago working at a campus computer. I back up work into various spots- flashdrive, email accounts, the Box site- and I was working on one of my chapter files, which I'd sent off to someone who knows better about computers than I do, for purifying the file. There'd been something with the text getting lighter halfway through. He sent it back, and I had to make adjustments to restore italics, paragraphs, and the font back to the one that I had. I spent about an hour on the chapter, was just about to save it... and the computer froze completely.

    I was not happy...

  4. Thanks to you, I backed up my manuscripts. Thanks for the kick in the keester.

  5. I think I've got myself on a schedule now, to save every time I work on an MS.

  6. Lol you know its so annoying to write alot and loose it like that. happy for you. and would lke to read the book you are writing.