Friday, November 9, 2012

Zombie Fridays: When the zombie apocalypse is beating down your door.

Because we all know it's coming...


  1. Pritchard . . . I don't know how to tell you this, but. You're going to get eaten by zombies. Why? Well, it all starts with the lights . . .
    See, the lights may keep your yard lit. But they will also attract zombies. They have simple, half-functioning minds, and they will flock to your house like a moth to a flame. And since (in this picture) there doesn't seem to be anything around EXCEPT your house, those floodlights will be seen for MILES.

    So every zombie for miles will come up to your house. Some will die from landmines, but that doesn't matter.
    Zombies may not be smart, or quick. But they have numbers on their side. In the first few hours all of your landmines will explode. Now you're left with your fence. The zombies will push up and against the fence. After enough time has passed, the number of zombies will grow until they can push the fence down.
    Once that happens . . . I don't know if you noticed this, but the fence will then render the 'trench' useless, as it will fall over the trench to create a makeshift bridge.
    Some zombies will trip on the razor wire, but now over 100 zombies will be stumbling towards you.
    Quick defend yourself! Wait, what's this? You keep your arsenal in a shed that isn't connected to your house? Well, you can't get to any of your weapons. You now have zombies surrounding your property.
    You can't risk going out there! You don't know what's happening. After all, the fence cameras are useless, and you've blacked out/shielded all your windows. But you have to get out!
    Unless you want to stay there and starve to death, you will have to use the escape tunnel. For good measure, once you're in the tunnel, feel free to use those 'explosives' to detonate your house. After all, it IS overrun with zombies now.
    Assuming you don't suffocate in the tunnel, when you get out the other end, you are now probably going to get bitten. Remember! Every zombie FOR MILES saw those floodlights. If your tunnel is longer than MILES, then I doubt you'll get through it safely. And if it's less, then there will probably be zombies around your back-up site.
    IF you don't die in the tunnel, or when you get to the site, there's also the problem that you Don't Have a Weapon. In the picture it looks like a simple van, like people drive every day. Congratulations. Your now stuck in a vehicle, with no weapons. You have food, but you are eventually going to run out of gas. Even if you brought gas with you, you'll have to fill the car when the tank empties. And did I mention you're doing all of this WITHOUT A WEAPON?!

    Your only choice now is to drive until you run out of gas and get eaten by zombies. I just hope you can find somewhere that is zombie free (doubtful) or find some people with enough know-how to have built a stronghold that doesn't attract zombies.

    To be completely honest, I think you would have been safer if you left your home as it was; and kept your weapons by your side at all times.

    1. Do you ever read my responses? Reading your blurb made me think of this book I read: "World War Z." Have you read it?

    2. No, I don't 'always' read your responses, because I don't get any kind of notification that you've responded. If I want to read them, I have to hunt them down myself.
      I mean, I came here this time because I wanted to see your response, since I wrote such a long comment, I figured it deserved a look-in. But I usually forget which pages I've commented on . . .

      In answer to your other question: No, I haven't read World War Z.
      I haven't read much zombie fiction, I usually watch it. The movie with Brad Pitt looks interesting, especially with the 'tsunami of bodies' mechanic they've included with the zombies.
      I might read the book one day. But I'm really cheap, and I've got a lot of books to read at the moment, so don't hold your breath.

    3. Oh, I see... And my response was only three words...