Monday, January 7, 2013

One Writer's Dilemma: Dreams and true meanings

The other night I had a dream about Richard Branson

you know him, 

the Virgin Entrepreneur.

I have no idea why he was in my dream, but he was.

And he was working at my local post office.

 I was mailing out a manuscript.

He left his office and greeted me,

(of all people me!)

Then he brought me to the parking lot and gave me the keys to a new car!

Now I'm sure you're expecting he gave me the car of my dreams? 




He gave me the keys to a '67 Chevy Impala...

Not really the car of my dreams 

(Envision a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid, I'm serious)

Now you may ask, was it so nice, and beautiful, and gleaming?
Did it have that new-car-smell?



It was dusty, and scratched, and smelled like dead-unicorn hooves.

Yeah, that's it right there, but in grey.

 In my dream, I didn't even want to accept the car from Richard Branson

I even remember looking longingly back at my Jeep

But you don't deny a gift from Richard Branson!

So I got in the car and drove it home.

--End of dream--

So what did this dream tell me:

I have a few ideas:
  1. Richard Branson is a poor gift giver?
  2. I shouldn't drink so much rum before going to bed
  3. "Winning" has it's downsides
  4. I am truly unstable 
  5. If we are reaching for a goal, which may at times seem unattainable, a rich man named Branson isn't going to hand it to us,it is not simply going to fall in our lap, if it does, be wary. Goals and dreams are only attained by blood,sweat,tears,determination and hard work.

Now, had the Impala came looking like this :

(include Supernatural eye-candy) 

I would have woken up a little more accepting of Richard Branson's gift

and not racking my brain as to what REALLY happened in my brain that night.

Tell me your crazed dreams.


  1. That is a weird dream.

    Richard Branson's entire purpose in life is the promotion, image control, and in all of ther ways shameless hyping of Richard Branson.

    1. which is why it was so strange and I woke so confused :)

  2. Wow! You really have vivid dreams :) Must be Handmade's Tale again, though I'm not sure why it would conjure dreams of billionaires -)

    1. Actually, I think it was the night I finished Handmaid's Tale. I still have to write my review, but it's still grinding on my brain.

  3. Hm. Most recent? An 18th century murder mystery. That was my blog entry last week.

    I always dream in complete story lines, although I don't usually remember them after I wake up.