Friday, January 4, 2013

Zombie Friday: The Ultimate Battle Royal

So, I love me a good zombie show/movie/game/book

but seriously the market seems to be a little flooded right now 
and all the same characters keep popping up:

There's the Rick hero

The bad guy douche

The damsel in distress

The dumb kid doing dumb stuff

The dumb chick doing dumb stuff

I am SO ready for something else!

(Don't get me wrong I LOVE The Walking Dead)

My zombie loving heart desires something more

I need some choke-on-that-popcorn-zombie-awesomeness

So that is why I'm moving on to explore a new chapter in the Zombie Genre
I'm starting the year off right

I don't know how I ever missed this shit.
And I usually don't review anything before I read it but I can just feel it in my Zombie-loving-bones that this is going to be epic

Anyways, I'm buying it right now on my Kindle

I'll let you know if it's as awesome as the fine artwork


  1. The should make a zombie vs unicorns movie, I would watch the shit out of that...

    1. in clay-mation, it would be friggin' awesome!

  2. You know, that last image looks just like the sort of thing they used for those Where's Waldo books...