Friday, January 11, 2013

Zombie Friday: Things to Consider when Choosing your Zombie Killing Partner

Are you searching for true love? The one to spend the rest of your life with? Your soul-mate?

Forget that shit, 

what you need to find is your Zombie killing partner!

Time is running out

Think about it people:

When that horde of Zombie's in banging on your door, are you going to turn to the person next to you and reminisce about how great they can cook a pot of spaghetti, or how wonderfully they get along with your parents, or how your cat loves them?


You're going to want to know how well they can reload a shotgun!

You're going to want to know if they've got your back when you're running from hideout to hideout

You're going to want to know if they can blast the head off that silent-as-hell zombie looming behind your back without hitting you


And sorry Kitty, you're bait.

Don't get down and sad at the thought of never having the time to find your true love.


There's still hope

just look at Glenn and Maggie

and Daryl....

That's proof enough that all romanticism won't disappear once the Zombies take over the world.

Lucky for me I've already secured my partner.


So, once you've secured your partner,
don't forget
you need guns

Support your Second Amendment Rights!


  1. But Kitty is too cute to be used for bait!

  2. You Complete

  3. Kitty actually looks like he could make quite the zombie killing partner... all that scratching and clawing -)