Monday, January 14, 2013

The troubles of a small town

Small towns are great places to live. 
The sense of Community is strong
Neighbors help neighbors
everyone knows everyone
but small towns breed one thing...

Don't believe me, take a glance below:

Yes my friends, that is what we woke up to today.

An 8 ft Christmas tree, deposited on our front porch!

I'd like to say we laughed about it, but we didn't, because this monstrosity was pushed flush with the door so we couldn't get out. 

It's bad enough all my wonderful snow melted and
we had to take the back door and walk through the mud. 

So, Thank You small town douches.

I hope this new year brings you what you truly deserve, 
antibiotic-resistant syphilis
or an opossum-cat with rabies.


  1. Well, that's just... really bad manners. Which of course is an understatement...